Video Shows Armed Men Attacking Suge Knight, Says Lawyer

Getty ImageSuge Knight’s reputation precedes him, and so it was easy for observers to scoff at his claim that the January hit-and-run that left one man dead was an act of self-defense. But as piece after piece of the story has come unearthed, it seems, against all odds, that he and his legal team might have a case. Though charged with murder and attempted murder, the latter half of that equation, Cle “Bone” Sloan, recanted his earlier statement to police and told the court that he was the one who initially attacked Knight. (Sloan has since refused to testify against Knight, despite being granted immunity by the court.) Now, Knight’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau–best known for defending Michael Jackson in his 2005 molestation trial–says that there is a video of the hit-and-run which shows armed men attacking Knight. As per the New York Post‘s Page Six, Mesereau says the uncut footage from the Tam’s Burgers parking lot in Compton shows several people with handguns crowding around Knight’s truck. The video has not yet been shown in court; it’s unclear whether it will be shown at the July 17 bail hearing.Knight has had no luck in his attempts to get the murder case dismissed; compounding his problems is a wrongful death suit that names him, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube as defendants in the case of Terry Carter’s death. Authorities allege that Carter died after being struck by the truck Knight was driving through the Tam’s Burgers parking lot.