The Break Presents: Chaz French

Photo Credit: Steve LuceroComing up under fellow D.C. rapper and 2015 XXL Freshman GoldLink, Chaz French is a newcomer to pay attention to. Exhibiting ferocious yet fun stage presence and lyricism to back it up, the young upstart is the type of artist you can feel personally acquainted with right away.Having just dropped his debut EP, Happy Belated, last October, French’s music is just the right amount of adrenaline, charisma and intellect. Here’s why the sincere MC with a fun loving attitude should be added to your playlist.—Sidney MaddenName: Chaz FrenchAge: 24Hometown: Washington, D.C.I grew up listening to: All Gospel and like, old Marvin Gaye. And I guess growing up with Gospel; it’s kind of hard to say I was influenced by what was around me. It’s hard to say I was influenced by Kirk Franklin when you making rap music at a young age. But when I did start listening to rap shit…I think the first album I bought was Kanye’s Late Registration. I bought Man on the Moon too and that was it. And then when I moved to Texas, that’s when I got into UGK, Pimp C and them just because the movement was crazy.I first started taking [rap] seriously when my brother had a show and brought me out; that shit was packed. It was a party at the end of the school year with probably 400 people in there. This was in like ninth grade. So, we did this song and they went ham. And that was it. I was like “oh shit, I could do this, I’mma start taking it serious.”Most people don’t know: I have a foot fetish [Laughs]. I have a foot fetish and I eat sunflower seeds everyday.My style has been compared to: The man in the mirror, me. I don’t like comparisons. Of course when you first starting out people want to make comparisons, like you know just association, “Who does this guys sound like.” But naw, I don’t try to sound like anybody.Standout records and/or moments to date: I think the whole GoldLink Tour was just fun. That was a standout and just this whole year. I never knew I would be sitting here talking to a writer of XXL or I never knew my shit would get premiered on some of the stuff it got premiered on. Or meeting Rick Rubin, that was definitely like, “What?” Like, I was at his house on his grass, drinking his water. Like this whole process is eye opening. Sometimes I wake up and I’m like, “Damn, I’m making something of myself.”My goal in hip-hop is: To get Grammys and to show other people through music that anything is possible. I just want to help people.I’m the next: Chaz French. I’m just the next rap superhero. I have a gift of freeing souls, touching souls. I’m not going to say the next big thing or the next Jay Z. Naw, the next rap superhero. I like that.To check out more of Chaz French’s music, follow his SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter.Standouts: “Primavera” featuring Eddie Vanz“Before I Die”“Aquafina” by GoldLink featuring Chaz FrenchHappy Belated