The 25 Best Mixtapes of 2015 (So Far)

It’s the half-year mark of 2015 already, the time for XXL to take a look back at the wild and crazy year it’s been so far already. Yesterday, we brought you our roundup of the 30 best albums of the year so far, and it’s been a hell of a ride. Today, we turn our attention to the best mixtapes of 2015 to this point, running through the 25 best of 2015 at the halfway period.Mixtapes are traditionally the proving ground for many an MC, where up-and-comers turn to spread their material and introduce themselves to new fans and vets unleash unreleased material or freestyles over some of the best beats in hip-hop. This year we’ve seen vets come back to re-assert their dominance, young guns stake their claim for the throne and older heads go in and remind hip-hop heads that there’s plenty more to come from their pens. As always, it’s been tough to choose, but this year, with mixtapes being re-released on iTunes and EPs and albums released for free or counted up different ways, it’s more confusing than ever to parse through all the details. But that’s why we’re here. Check out our list of the 25 best mixtapes of 2015 so far, ordered by release date, and don’t miss our best albums list right here as well. —XXL Staff