Suge Knight Might Have a Brain Tumor

Getty ImagesSuge Knight’s deteriorating health is becoming a major storyline as he continues to battle it out in court over the murder of 55-year-old Terry Carter. Knight, who is currently sitting in prison with a $10 million dollar bail, collapsed in the court room back in March and has reportedly been suffering from dizzy spells and frequently passing out. Doctors have been unable to give a proper scan of his brain since Knight refuses to have the bullet fragment lodged in his brain taken out due to fear that he may die on the surgeon’s table due to his current state of health.According to TMZ, Knight’s lawyer Tom Mesereau has filed documents claiming that his client is suffering from numbness on one side of his body and doctors fear that Knight may have a brain tumor. Mesereau is asking for Knight to be moved to a jail that has full access to a competent medical facility. Knight’s lawyer also says that his client’s current living space is not big enough to hold his 6-2 frame and that the toilet in his cell flushes on its own every 20 minutes for the entire day and night.Reports are also circulating that Knight’s lawyer team will appear in court today to contend, once again, that the former Death Row big shot’s $10 million bail is excessive and should be reduced. Prosecutors have argued that the bail is appropriate based on Knight’s criminal history and habit of skipping out on court hearings. XXL will keep you posted on further developments.