Sage The Gemini Quits Social Media

Sage The Gemini had quickly settled into a groove. The precocious Fairfield, Ca. native’s career started off with a shot, with singles like “Red Nose” and the Iamsu!-featuring “Gas Pedal” immediately earning tractions at clubs and in dorm rooms in the Bay Area and throughout the country. Now, however, he finds himself in a bit of hot water over cheating allegations, and has decided to recuse himself from social media altogether. Sage took to Twitter today (July 2) to announce to his fans a departure from that platform, Instagram and everything in between. Lamenting that his name had been dragged through the mud–and suggesting that the incriminating screenshots were Photoshopped and were not, in fact, his doing–Sage thanked his supporters for their kind words and promised to “work harder and promote another way.” At press time, Sage’s account (complete with its 119,000 followers) was still active.In addition to his solo material, Sage has been fortunate to appear on high-profile singles and remixes, including that of Chris Brown’s “Loyal.” His debut album, Remember Me, sported features from the likes of August Alsina, Eric Bellinger and even Justin Bieber. As hyphy was exported from the Bay and crept down to Los Angeles–and was repurposed by DJ Mustard and his disciples as ratchet, becoming the dominant sound at Top 40 in the process–Sage persevered, toning down his hometown’s weirdness and keeping its basest (and bass-est) elements. Read the rest of his tweets below:DELETING ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA. ITS FILLED PPL WHO HAVE NO TIME AND PPL WHO LIKE TO PLAY AROUND— Global Gemini (@SageTheGemini) July 2, 2015I AM NOT FALLING VICTIM TO SOMEONE PLAYIN AROUND AND RUINING SOMETHING GOOD THAT I HAVE OVER CREATIVE INTERNET SCHEMES— Global Gemini (@SageTheGemini) July 2, 2015THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON WHY I SHOULD BE IN ALL BLOGS AS A CHEATER AND NO ONE HAVING REAL PROOF JUST TYPED UP CONVOS— Global Gemini (@SageTheGemini) July 2, 2015DONT EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT IF THESE BITCHES CAN PHOTOSHOP THEY FACE AND ASS HOW U THINK THEY CANT PUT MY NAME AND PIC NEXT TO WORDS— Global Gemini (@SageTheGemini) July 2, 2015THAT BEING SAID IM DELETING MY PAGES IG AND TWITTER FOR THE SAKE OF ME AND JORDIN ILL JUST HAVE TO WORK HARDER AND PROMOTE ANOTHR WAY— Global Gemini (@SageTheGemini) July 2, 2015I LOVE ALL MY FANS I THANK YALL FOR EVERYTHING YOUVE DONE FOR ME BUT ITS NOT WORTH LOOSIN SOMETHING DEEPER THEN MUSIC SEE YOU GUYS— Global Gemini (@SageTheGemini) July 2, 2015