Mac Miller’s New Album Is Done

Mac Miller morphed his public image from fist-pumping frat bro to stoned, contemplative outsider, and it worked. The Pittsburgh native, once an Internet curiosity cordoned off from the rest of the rap world has become not only a respected artist in his own right, but something of a sprit guide for burgeoning artists who live in or pass through Los Angeles. But while his home studio has churned out plenty of impressive cuts for others, his rabid fan base has been waiting for a new solo LP. Now, apparently, one’s coming.Dear world, The album is finished. Love, Malcolm— Mac (@MacMiller) July 30, 2015I put 2.5 years of my life into making this album— Mac (@MacMiller) July 30, 2015I made 9 different albums until I finally arrived at this one— Mac (@MacMiller) July 30, 2015I am now listening to the finished album for the first time and it was worth every step that was this journey— Mac (@MacMiller) July 30, 2015I worked very hard And thought very long about the statement I wanted to make with my major label debut— Mac (@MacMiller) July 30, 2015Everything is happening exactly how it’s supposed to. You will hear soon. Very soon.— Mac (@MacMiller) July 30, 2015I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I’ve never felt this good about a project before— Mac (@MacMiller) July 30, 2015As Miller points out, this album will be his first since signing to Warner last fall. Though his 2011 indie debut, Blue Slide Park, debuted at #1 on Billboard, it earned only a lukewarm reception from fans and was mostly reviled by critics. Fortunately, the Donald Trump provocateur was able to hone a new sound for 2013′s Watching Movies With the Sound Off, which was much better received. His most recent effort is last year’s Faces, which sports contributions from Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Thundercat, Schoolboy Q, Mike Jones and more.