Kendrick Lamar Stops Mid-Song After a White Fan Says the N-Word

At Hangout Festival in Alabama on Sunday night, Kendrick Lamar invited a white, female fan on stage to help him perform his hit track, “M.A.A.D City.”

Things apparently took a turn when the fan repeatedly used the N-word during the track, causing the rapper to interrupt her by stopping the music.  The racial slur is featured multiple times in the lyrics throughout the track, but Lamar apparently wasn’t okay with the fan saying the N-word.

And neither was the audience, who booed her after hearing her rap the word three times.

Kendrick stepped in shortly after the track started.

The fan apparently didn’t realize that she was saying the word, and suggested that it was an absentminded mistake.

Despite the incident and the audience demanding the fan be kicked f stage, Lamar gave the fan a second chance to redeem herself by letting her continue rapping and censor herself.

And in fairness, Lamar is partly responsible for the issue, given that the song uses the fending word over twenty times.

Of course, there were mixed comments on social media.

Some tweets defended the fan:

Other comments supported the rapper:

Lamar’s most recent album, DAMN, earned him a Pulitzer Prize in Music in April. He is the first non-classical or jazz musician to win the esteemed award.