Kehlani Calls Out United Airlines for Racists Flight Attendants

Singer #Kehlani says she had a racist encounter with some #UnitedAirlines flight attendantsA photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on Kehlani is not happy with United Airlines. The rising R&B singer took to Twitter to air out the airline, accusing the company’s workers of using racial slurs toward her and her dancers before kicking them off of the plane. The Bay Area native said that a flight attendant dropped the n-word and lied about it before unlawfully removing her and her crew. ”Fuck United Airlines you’re racist, you condone disrespectful flight attendants and racial slurs,” she tweeted, “They just kicked me and my dancers off for asking to be talked to like a human being… then lied and said I tried to trip a flight attendant..” She continued on to tweet, “God give me the strength to not beat the fuck out of these racist flight attendants.” She also named the alleged flight attendants who were the problem: “JAMES DARBY MICHELE RUBINO RYAN NUTSCH PEGGY RIESSEN @united YOUR RACIST FLIGHT ATTENDANTS.”You can see the rest of her tweets above. Since her Twitter rant, Kehlani deactivated her Twitter page (see her message on why below). This isn’t the first time United Airlines had been called out for racist practices towards their passengers. This has nothing to do with haters, I just know what's best for my soul. Thanks for understanding :)A photo posted by Lani Tsunami lil'LayLow (@kehlanimusic) on The Oakland native is currently on her You Should Be Here tour in support of her newest mixtape. She’s heading to Chicago where she’s performing at Lincoln Hall tonight (July 7). The 20-year old will be making several more stops at The Shelter in Detroit tomorrow night (July 8) and a quick stop at Mod club in Toronto on Thursday (July 9) before making her way to the Highline Ballroom in NYC on Friday (July 10). The You Should Be Here tour wraps up Aug 20 at Republik in Honolulu.