Janet Jackson Is Writing a New Album About Literally Anything

Elusive as Janet Jackson may be, she’s never not working. And ahead receiving the Icon Award at this Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, she’s granted Billboard a cover story in which she confirms that she’s been making a new album. The follow-up to 2015’s Unbreakable is still in early stages, but she’s been letting her pen take her wherever her thoughts wander to. She can’t tell you yet what any those thoughts mean or how they’ll all gel into an album that will make sense to anyone but Janet Jackson (“I don’t try to analyze the creative process while it’s still ongoing,” she says), but for now, we’ll leave you with a taste what’s been inspiring her lately, which is essentially everything and nothing:

In addition to bird and people watching, Jackson says she’s been spending time stanning for Bruno Mars thanks to her infant son: “I also have a special place in my heart for Bruno Mars. Bruno was really the first music my son responded to. During and after his birth, I comforted myself with Brazilian jazz, music that always relaxes me. Then when the baby began crawling, Bruno was breaking out big and on the radio all the time. That delighted both us. Bruno is a throwback to the days when the greatest artists could do it all: write, sing, dance, produce.” Well, the Bruno debate has been settled — Janet approves.