Fans Can Now See What Artists Are Listening to on Shazam

The streaming music world is quickly becoming one of the more competitive landscapes in the biz with each app trying to one-up the other. With today’s launch of Apple Music, it should come as no surprise that other apps and services are adding their own wrinkles to compete with the highly-anticipate, highly-publicized launch. Shazam will now allow users to see what their favorite artists are “Shazaming” and will feature the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull, Jason Derulo , Usher, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, YG and more on the new add-on.“Our users Shazam over 20 million times each day to discover the music playing around them,” says Rich Riley, CEO at Shazam via a press release. “Now, those Shazams transform into an ongoing relationship with artists, giving users a truly unique place to get great music content.”The way it works is pretty simple; music that artist’s Shazam will be made public and fans can follow the artist’s profile to see more music they are listening to and also to stay up-to-date with new singles, albums and videos of artists they follow. Shazam will also allow users to stream the music on Apple Music by hitting the “Listen on Apple Music” button.“This is the music that artists are actually Shazaming because it inspires their work,” Executive chairman Andrew Fisher tells Business Insider. ” That’s very different from the type of social content you might get from a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. It’s a different type of information exchange.”In the hip-hop world, the feature could hint at future collaborations and give insight to who artists are inspired by. It could also shed light on what samples producers use and so on and so forth.